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Every person is a story. Every brand is a story. And stories should be told.

Beneath the desperate attempts to keep our businesses, our lives, and our appearances up, clean, and professional, we rob our audiences, our customers, and our clients of the most valuable thing - our story.  So let's start telling it.


My project-1 (2)-1



Some key features
  • Bi-Monthly Blog.
  • Daily Post w/ Copy.
  • Bi-Weekly Short Form Video.



Some key features
  • Everything in Growth +
  • Bi-Monthly Podcast & Vlogcast.
  • Monthly Long Form Video / Separate Series



Some key features
  • Everything in Networker +
  • Monthly Commercial.
  • Ongoing Docu-series.

Add-On 1



  • Hands-Free. Done For You.
  • Posting to Unlimited Platforms. 
  • Monthly Data Reporting.

Add-On 2



  • Guaranteed Follower Growth.
  • Daily Engagement.
  • Messaging and DM Management.
"Since working with the Minogue Management Group we have had jaw dropping results. Our social media is up across the board with hundreds of thousands of more followers! We have reached well over 10 million accounts ORGANICALLY thanks to their expertise and had 150% growth. The MMG team is thorough, experienced, but above all they are mission minded and passionately dedicated to the important task of building a world for our children and grandchildren to flourish."
Hannah Brusven
Director of Revenue, Turley Talks, LLC
Free Training.

Too Expensive?

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